Picture Of Coronavirus Patient, 87, Gazing At Sunset Wins Internet

As the post went viral, social media was abuzz with reactions

Amid all the gloom spread across the world by the outbreak of coronavirus, a picture of an 87-year-old CoVID-19 patient and his doctor watching the sunset outside a Wuhan hospital has warmed the hearts of netizens.

A Twitter user @chenchenzh shared the picture of the heartwarming moment along with the caption: “Wuhan Uni hospital. A 20-something doctor from Shanghai was taking an 87-year-old patient who’d been hospitalised for a month to take a CT scan. He asked if he wanted to stop by to watch the sunset. He said yes. They enjoyed the moment together.”

As the post went viral, social media was abuzz with reactions.

A user wrote: “Truly heartwarming! Medical care workers are our heroes!”

Another said: “Stunning work of empathy. Love…”

A post read: “Beautiful scene and photo. I wish you’d make a photo album of all these poignant images from China.”

“The first news I got up to read today is this. Hope the elderly patient gets better soon,” a user remarked.


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