For basic and advanced image editing on your smartphone, PicsArt is always a popular choice. With tons of features like layers, filters, and effects, you can quickly edit your image. Even more, you can discover images and can add to your image; similarly, you can add Stickers, gifs, frames, etc. However, it is not completely a free app, although you will get a free trial; even then there are restrictions. Hence, there is a limit. The only way to have more features, filters, or to remove Ads is to go for the PicsArt Premium APK subscription.

However, you may don’t want to pay for some images, filters and to remove restrictions. But you want to have access to all of the PicsArt Premium features. So how can you get PicsArt Premium for free? Well, there is one way to have all the premium features in PicsArt, you would need to use a MOD PicsArt Premium app.

PicsArt Premium APK | Get Free | Is Modded APK Safe To Download?

How to Get PicsArt Premium For Free?

To download the app, firstly, you must open the browser on your smartphone, Then click visit the  website, there will be a lot of popular apps, but you must scroll down, find, and click on the PicsArt app. On the next page, click on the Inject button; after that, the website will ask you to download two free apps.

You must download them, and then you can simply follow the instructions on the site to download. Click on the link and download it on your Phone.

Is it Safe to Download PicsArt Premium Mod APK?

PicsArt Premium APK might be a decent replacement for the official app, but the MOD app lacks in quality. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the MOD app can affect your battery life because it uses a lot of resources. It might be unstable and can crash anytime.

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Even more, there might be an issue with the user interface. Among that, there are also plenty of bugs and risks of malware and virus in the MOD app. But most of the MOD application isn’t harmful if you want to ensure that the app is totally safe or not.

You can do a few checks by yourself. But for the most part, the MOD apps are safe to use, and it is totally legal.

Does Modded APK contain Viruses or Malware?

You can scan the app with an Antivirus tool or upload and check it online on virus scan sites. So, is it safe to download and install the PicsArt Premium MOD app on your smartphone? Well, it totally depends on you.

If you are concern that the app might have malware or virus, you can do virus or malware checks. Also, you can do HASH signatures checks using FDROID and malicious file tests in Malwarebytes.

If you find that the signatures don’t match or if the scan indicates something is wrong, then you can avoid installing the app, but in most cases, it is safe. Make sure that you download the app from a well-known source, check the comments and reviews to decide it for yourself.

What do you get in PicsArt Pro Mod APK?

PicsArt Pro Mod APK is a modified version of the official application by some developers. The developer has modified the app in such a way that now you can access all its premium features. You will have a completely Ads-free experience, unlimited images, stickers, gifs, frames, fonts, and no restrictions.

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Even more, users now can use professional drawing tools. You can remove image background, edit RAW files, take beauty selfies, and much more. All this, you can have it free just by installing the PicsArt Premium APK on your smartphone.

If you are concern about the basic features like crop, stretch, clone, add text, adjust curves, then don’t worry. They are all included. Along with that, there are many more things to play around with; you can now selectively apply filters and effects to any part of your pictures using the brush mode.

Like photoshop, you can add layers to images and can control exposure and transparency. If you like creating WhatsApp stickers, then PicsArt has specific tools to go for that will make the process very easy.

More to that, you can add varieties of borders, masks, images, and other objects to your image. By default, the free version of the PicsArt is good. However, the Ads and restrictions kill joy. But the MOD PicsArt Premium APK makes up for it because you can enjoy all features, filters, and effects now without paying and annoying Ads.

Where Can I Download PicsArt Premium Mod APK?

The MOD PicsArt app is fine and great to use. However, it lacks quality and has some safety issues. If you are thinking of using the MOD application for your professional use, then it will be better if you use the official app and buy a plan.

Because the MOD application has plenty of bugs, thus unstable and has a potential risk of a virus or malware, the developer won’t do such things, but other people can, so you must be careful about where you download the app.

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Download Official PicsArt App

If you are unwilling to download and install the MOD application, then better you download the official app. Moreover, installing the official app is always the best choice because the app will be secure, stable, and comes with the latest features and updates.

For Android users, you can open up Google Play Store, search for PicsArt, click on the Install button to install it. For iPhone and iPad users, open up the App Store, search for PicsArt, and get the app. However, the links are given below to install the official PicsArt app on your Smartphone.

Download PicsArt from Google Play Store(Android)

Download PicsArt from Apple App Store (iOS)


PicsArt is a fantastic app for all your image editing needs. But you should be beware when downloading Mod APK files as they might contain virus or malware which can harm your smartphone. The best way to use PicsArt is the official app because, with the official app, you can also enjoy official updates.

But in case you decide to download a PicsArt MOD apk file, then make sure to check it with a virus scanner and malware scanner.



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