The Picaddily Lights digital billboard wil today be turned “upside down” in a campaign for the Royal National Institute of Blind People, created by The & Partnership, aimed at raising awareness of the challenges social distancing poses to blind and partially sighted people.

The screen will display upside down ads for a series of participating brands including Amazon Alexa, Barclays,, Kellogg’s, P&G, TalkTalk, The Financial Times, British Gas and Lego, alternating with text explaining the message behind the creative idea.

Brands and partners, including Campaign, are also turning their logos upside down for the day to draw attention to the campign.

RNIB said that social distancing had made it “nearly impossible for blind and partially sighted people to navigate safely in a world with largely inaccessible new rules and regulations. Rising numbers of people on the streets, in workplaces and on public transport make this even more difficult. For the sight loss community, the usual methods of navigating around public spaces rely on human contact, guidance and touch, all of which are no longer considered safe.”

Created by The&Partnership’s in-house studio, in collaboration with partner brands and Ocean Media, the advert recreates the traditional patchwork effect so famous on the Piccadilly billboard before revealing its important message for the second half. This takeover will happen every hour at 50 minutes past the hour from 7am-11pm starting on the 6th July for one week.

The creative is by Dan Dehlavi, Adam Jackson, Ted Price and Angus Vine.

Martin Wingfield, head of brand and marketing at RNIB, said: “The easing of lockdown means we now face a more complicated and unusual world, which will take some time for everyone to get used to. We know it’s difficult for everyone, but for those with sight loss everything has become much more challenging.

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“We’re asking everyone to remember what they are going through and to act kindly. We’re really pleased to communicate this through such a clear, striking billboard and campaign that will help lots of people see, engage with and remember such an important message, and for the message to go even further with the support of our partner brands and the public”

It was created by The & Partnership’s in-house studio in collaboration with the partner brands and Ocean Media. The takeover of the screen will happen every hour at 50 minutes past the hour from 7am to 11pm, for one week.



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