It all started with a call to dispatchers in Summerville on Sept. 2, regarding a drug overdose. Police said when they arrived on scene they found a man being revived by EMS and a visiting maid, with numerous debit cards and an open line of communication with her incarcerated boyfriend.

Police said they responded to a house on Aberdeen Circle in Scotts Mill. The person who called 911 was the eventual suspect in the debit card thefts, Angela Fleeman. A report from the Summerville Police Department states Fleeman told officers she works for a home cleaning business and while in between jobs her friend called her to pick him up for a ride home.

Fleeman told officers she brought her friend along to the next job at the house in Scotts Mill. The report states while Fleeman was working she came down the steps and noticed her friend lying unresponsive on the bathroom floor and she then called for help.

EMS was able to get the male stable and breathing and then took him to the hospital. Police said they found a syringe, uncapped, with brown liquid inside where he was lying. Officers began to question Fleeman, who was shaking and upset, about the drugs and she told them, she didn’t know where the narcotics came from.

Police then asked Fleeman if they could search her car and she gave them permission. The report said the two officers on scene discovered nine debit cards in her car and none of them had Fleeman’s name on them.

Police said when they inquired if she could provide any information regarding the names on the cards she told them a few of them belonged to her boyfriend and some others belonged to his friends. She told police they are all currently in prison. A couple of others, she said, belonged to her family members.

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The report states Fleeman went on to say her boyfriend is incarcerated at Lieber Correctional Institute and has been for the past eight years. Fleeman told officers she has messages stating she is allowed to use the cards. Police said they asked how she could possibly be messaging with an inmate, she told them, he has a cell phone and they frequently are reaching out to one another.

Fleeman was then placed under arrest for financial transaction card theft. Police also took possession of her phone. The report states police later contacted an officer at the prison and gave him the names of the inmates Fleeman admitted communicating with.

Fleeman was booked into the Dorchester County Detention Center. Information provided by the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office shows she was later released on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond.



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