If you’ve been playing Outriders on PC since its launch on April 1, then chances are your device has been slowly amassing a file full of crash dump data that can rival the size of entire games. A player has reported finding 23GB of these crash reports deep within their C: drive, taking up precious space that could be used for other game updates or programs.

The full Outriders game only takes up 42GB (despite your system insisting it needs 70GB of available space to start the download), so the sheer size of the crash data is bewildering. It’s typical of games built in Unreal Engine to save data after a crash, but this is so that the game developers can use the information to prevent it from happening by patching the root cause.

It’s unusual for games to retain crash files on your drive though – especially long term enough to have amassed this much data. The issue was initially reported on Reddit by user Topasteroven47 on the official Outriders subreddit, so with any luck this issue can be fixed going forwards. 

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