Survival Games for Xbox One
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There is a wealth of survival games on Xbox One, with gameplay that revolves around hunger, thirst, and often, finding shelter (or even building your own). The survival genre exploded in recent years, partially on the back of games like Minecraft. Survival games with multiplayer have also become incredibly popular, often emphasizing brutal PvP mechanics, but many orient themselves around creative play instead. There are some single-player gems in there as well. Here are our picks for the top ten Xbox One survival games on the market right now.

Survival games are a personal favorite, offering oddly relaxing gameplay at times, interspliced with tense moments. Many of the games rely on procedural generation and random events, adding a level of dynamism unique to the genre.

The Long Dark remains our pick for top survival game on Xbox One, for its deep and evocative episodic campaign, and hauntingly lonely survival gameplay. Seeing a bear emerge from the mist, mauling me to within an inch of my life, remains one of the most tense and memorable experiences I’ve ever had on Xbox. Managing to survive and ultimately get revenge on said bear also simply felt great.

If you have a strong emotional disposition, please consider This War of Mine too. It’s a very uniquely visceral survival game that emphasises the psychological trauma of being in such dire situations. Frostpunk is another excellent pick, with gorgeous art and designs, with unique moral choices that add a slant of choice and consequence.



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