We don’t have to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera is incredible – the 50 photos we’re including in this camera deep dive speak for themselves.

We tested the S20 Ultra 100x telephoto lens, which Samsung calls ‘Space Zoom’, and have our first thoughts on that. We’ve got photo samples from shooting on a tripod as well as while handheld; most importantly, we put the phone’s photos side-by-side with those shot by top competitors (the likes of Apple, Google, OnePlus).

As you can tell, we’re taking our Galaxy S20 Ultra camera very seriously:

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Yeah, we’re kind of nuts when it comes to properly testing smartphone cameras. (Image credit: Future)

The photo comparison gallery is below, however, if you have specific requests for a comparison or shot scenario, ask us about it on Twitter. We’ll try to update this ongoing S20 Ultra camera review with answers. Yes, we’ll include the S20 and S20 Plus as comparisons when we get those phones in for review, too.



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