OSF HealthCare has started construction on a transportation center adjacent to the OSF Center for Health-Streator.

The transportation center will house the OSF King Care-A-Van in addition to ambulances from Advanced Medical Transport. It is being built on OSF-owned property directly across Bloomington Street from the OSF Center for Health freestanding emergency room. The medical office building to the west of the OSF Center for Health was recently demolished to make way for the project, which is expected to be completed in October.

“It supports our efforts in the new rural healthcare model by helping to meet requirements for the freestanding emergency center, and positively impacting EMS access and timely transfers; it will allow for storage of the OSF King Care-A-Van that is being used to serve our most vulnerable rural community members, and it will strengthen community partnerships to meet the needs of the Streator community,” said Don Damron, vice president of Ambulatory Services for OSF St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Ottawa.

The transportation center will be 6,600 square feet and will provide inside storage protection for up to four ambulances, the OSF King Care-A-Van as well as the potential for two additional vehicles. The transportation center will connect to the remaining office building that will be remodeled to provide sleep quarters for the EMS providers.

“The main benefit for us is that our ambulance units will be maintained in a climate controlled environment,” said Tim Beccue, vice president of finance for Advanced Medical Transport. “It’s vital to ensure the medications we have on the ambulances remain in that ideal temperature range. This facility will eliminate any concern we have with extreme weather and posting at alternative locations.”

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The project is being funded through a collaboration of donors from Streator and Ottawa with long-standing commitments to supporting health care in their communities.

“This is a positive move to fulfill the ambulance transfer service requirements for underserved areas of the community and other parts of the region,” said Jack Dzuris, executive director of the Streator Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “As a former member of the HSHS St. Mary’s Foundation and current member of the OSF SEMC Foundation Council, the collaboration between Ottawa and Streator and the willingness to grow together is another ‘we’re in this together’ moment that will continue to help moving us forward toward a new rural healthcare model.”



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