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OROVILLE — The Oroville City Council meeting began Tuesday with an enthusiastic round of applause and big smiles from all seven members of the city council and audience members in the City Council chambers for Ronnie Belser, who was just appointed as the city of Oroville’s Code Enforcement director.

Belser was hired for a one-year probationary period and will need to be elected from five members of city council to extend his contract.

“I want to thank you for the opportunity and appreciate the council’s decision for the city of Oroville that I love so much. Let’s go out and make some changes,” Belser said after the council encouraged him to talk by shouting “Speech! Speech!”

“We wish him the best,” said Councilor Janet Goodson via a phone call after the meeting.

The council voted unanimously to an amendment to the lease agreement with Table Mountain Golf Club, Inc. to add a three-year addendum amending the lease revenue to allow for one percent of the three percent to be reinvested back into the property.

“We own the golf course and we’re not investing in private business. We own the property, so we are making an investment back toward our property through this process,” said City Administrator Bill LaGrone.

The council considered approving the artwork chosen by the Arts Commission to replace the existing Welcome to Oroville city limit signs.

The council then held a spirited discussion regarding the signs.

“The Welcome to Oroville signs have seen better days, they are not as bright and shiny as they were,” said Assistant Director of Community Development Dawn Nevers.

Councilor Scott Thomson said he’d like to see a locomotive on the sign. Councilor Eric Smith said he likes the arch of the sign and agrees with Thomson about the logo.

Nevers described the shape and size of the sign, and said there should be a committee to re-evaluate the logo.

Nevers said that some signs have gone missing, some have been on poles which have been hit by vehicles and others have been vandalized which prompted Oroville to look into the redesign.

“Most of our current signs are faded or damaged. We saw this as a fun opportunity to get the public involved and showcase a local artist,” a press release from the city stated.

Smith suggested not voting on the item at Tuesday’s and instead have a committee look at the logo.

LaGrone said he will request for a marketing company to tell the story about Oroville and what is positive.

A paper sign with the suggested logo was passed around to the community members in the audience.

“I see the logo as a multi-months project,” Councilor David Pittman said. “How many signs have five lakes? That should be the logo. We are a city of water.”

Thomson suggested waiting until after the next meeting to make a decision.

“For the next meeting we’ll have a marketing company. We can wait till after that meeting. The signs haven’t been replaced for 17 years. We should be proud of the sign for the next 10 years,” he said.

Mayor Chuck Reynolds suggested tabling the discussion for two months.

The council then went on to discuss adopting revised district voting boundaries and establishing a sequence for each district election.

Four members of the public spoke during public discussion thanking the council for choosing map 29 for the historic district in the last council meeting.

Smith said he appreciates the vigorous discussion and that map 29 gets the job done.

City Attorney Scott Huber said that the council represents everyone in Oroville “no matter what district you are in.”

Councilor Krysi Riggs said that she wanted to make a motion to waive the first reading and B, A and F will be up for election in 2022 and the remaining C, B and E will be up for election in 2024.

Smith said Riggs’ motion prevents him from running and knocks him out of the system and he can’t put his name forward.

Riggs’ motion carried with 4 for and zero against.

The next city council meeting will take place Feb. 1, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. in the City Council chambers at 1735 Montgomery St.


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