The future looks like a chancy thing. There is no way of predicting whether or not the factors impacting the local economy will continue or change. The only thing that can help us now is planning. That is where Great Plains Tech comes into the picture. A fully qualified staff of economic development professionals are available to help your large or small business to weather these uncertain times.

Great Plains Tech offers a wide rage of services for all types of businesses through the Economic Development Center (EDC). Great Plains Tech’s mission does include the following: “and serve as a driving force for economic development in Southwest Oklahoma”. These are not just words. Since 1971, Great Plains Tech has offered services to businesses. In the late 1980’s, Great Plains Tech consolidated its economic development efforts into a dedicated Economic Development Center. There in the EDC, subject/business matter experts are available to help your large, small, or future business take root and grow. The trick is to contact our office and speak to someone about what we can do to help your business grow.

Great Plains Tech offers unique services to Southwest Oklahoma entrepreneurs. Our EDC is fully staffed with people who are highly skilled in business and industry experience. They are dedicated to offering tips and tricks that will help your business start, grow, and sustain. Some services offered include small business development, agri-business assistance, government contracting consultations, safety training, leadership/soft skill training, technical training and incubator services.

Small business establishment and growth is the key to a thriving economy. There are many barriers to establishing and maintaining a successful business in the current economy. That is where Great Plains Tech steps into the picture. Industry experts with access to programs such as “1 Million Cups” and Google ® Verify, Great Plains Tech can help you both spread the word and build confidence in the community.

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Some businesses are agriculture-related. Whether it is cattle, wheat, cotton, or another product, the Great Plains Tech stands ready to assist. Agriculture is the largest industry that exists in Southwest Oklahoma and Great Plains Tech offers a variety of services that help you grow or establish your business. An agri-business specialist is on staff and ready to assist you in building your dream into your reality.

Just as agri-business and retailers need to grow, there are other opportunities to grow a business in the Lawton-Fort Sill community. Government contracting is a viable way to grow your business. A unique thing about Great Plains Tech is that businesses who could deal with governmental agencies can access assistance. Great Plains Tech offers services for those who look to Federal contracting and provides an avenue to pursue those goals. Pursuing government contracts is a tricky business, but Great Plains Tech provides those leads and gives you assistance on meeting those requirements.

Finally, the tricks of bringing your private entrepreneurial dream to life – The Business Development Center (BDC). If you can dream it – they can help. With reduced cost rental space, a legitimate business address, a rapid prototyping lab, business coaching and other specialized assistance, the BDC offers the chance to bring a dream to life. No economy can grow without the support and community goodwill that small, locally-owned businesses create. Locally owned businesses can contribute up to 50% of the economy of the community. There is always room for the next new idea or the idea that could fill a gap between the community and prosperity. Small, independent businesses are the key to that success and Great Plains Tech can help.

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The needs of businesses should never be overlooked. In the current times, that statement has never been more meaningful. Great Plains Tech has been tending to the needs of present and future businesses since 1971. The tricks of each one’s trade – or how to get started or grow – have always been the #1 priority for EDC/BDC staff. The treats come when that business achieves success and growth. That is what the EDC/BDC offers the residents of Southwest Oklahoma: Bring us your dreams. We’ll help you make it a reality.

Clarence Fortney is superintendent/CEO of Great Plains Technology Center.



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