The main premise behind Doors: Origins is that the earth we know is on the path to destruction

Opening a door is like opening a puzzle box that you get at a carnival

Game: Doors: Origins by Snapbreak

Genre: Puzzle

Platforms: Android and iOS

For someone who loves puzzle games, there are plenty of options to search for on your smartphone. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing categories in that space. This also means there are a lot of copycats to sift through before you find a gem. Doors: Origins is one such gem of a game and has the ability to make you think outside the box while giving you a unique experience.

The main premise behind Doors: Origins is that the earth we know is on the path to destruction. The sky is changing colours, there are constant floods and the snowfall is black. At such a time, mysterious portals have been discovered in many parts of the world. However, these portals are blocked behind doors with even more mysterious locking mechanisms. It’s your role as a player to find out the secrets and unlock the portals.

Opening a door is like opening a puzzle box that you get at a carnival. Every door has a unique design and concept. It is either broken or disassembled at the start. However, the pieces for fixing it can be found in the vicinity itself. You will find these parts in secret compartments in the door itself. These parts have to be stitched together to open another compartment which will give you the next level of clues. This gives you a feeling of uncovering a mystery part by part.

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There are 18 doors that you have to unlock. Ten are offered for free and you have to pay for the rest. These doors are grouped by six different themes —  factory, workshop, crime scene, ancient ruins and two epilogues. Each room within these themes has a unique experience. For example, the four rooms within the factory are the passage, the mystery of music, the eye of time and the ocean odyssey. The fun in the game is in experiencing the creativity in each of these rooms. In the music mystery, the door takes the shape of a violin with broken strings. You have to mend it to be able to play a melody that opens the door. My favourite is the eye of time where you have to fix a clock. There is an element of going back in time to solve one of the puzzles to get through the door.

VERDICT: An aspect that sets the game apart is the excellent musical score. That, combined with the smooth 3D graphics, gives Doors: Origins a unique feel. The only complaint against the game is that it gets over very soon. The free content will last you barely two hours and when that is done, you will have to pay to unlock the rest of the content. Each room of Doors: Origins is a love letter to puzzle lovers, and you won’t be able to wait to open the next one. I would go so far as to rate it nine out of 10.


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