Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation has launched an online game design school, in collaboration with Education Ministry, to motivate talented game developers and propel the sector.

During an event held on Thursday, the foundation unveiled the training school, reported.

According to Alireza Kazemi, a deputy minister at the event, the game design school will promote the students’ media literacy through videogames, help detect talented students in the field and combine education with videogames, making it a more productive learning procedure. 

Also speaking at the inaugural event, Sadeq Pejman, managing director of the foundation, said the school is to be technically supported, supervised and regulated by the foundation, stressing that training professionals in game development fields is necessary.

With an outstanding position in the global media, gaming has become an inseparable part of life for people of any age, especially youngsters.

Pejman noted that gaming aficionados and experts should be trained to enlarge the share of Iran in the rapidly growing global industry. 

“Due to the limiting consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the school is to share educational material through the Education Ministry’s Shad application,” he said. 

“Through the app, learners can interact with instructors and this makes the learning process more efficient.”  

The official said over 40,000 learners have already joined the school’s channel in Shad, adding that the warm reception illustrates the interest and popularity of the field.



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