Even though we’ve been getting good news on the vaccine front, it’ll be quite a while before ‘real’ gigs are back — but smartphone innovator OnePlus is streaming a fully immersive gig on various platforms tonight.

With a theme of connection, the company is hosting a gig by Danish superstar Mads Langer, who will perform in a special igloo made from a grid of 50 OnePlus phones — each one recording the artist in real time.

The Phone Dome Concert is streaming tonight at 7pm GMT+1.

The Phone Dome is built out of 80 stainless steel tubes placed together in a grid, with phones secured to the rig with slim-fitting phone holders, also made of stainless steel. The Dome weighs 150 kg in total, standing 4m tall and 2.35m wide.

The interactive concert will be streamed entirely on OnePlus devices, with the gig streamed from many different angles — a full 360° experience.

Langer was picked after leading the way with the first ever COVID drive-thru gig.

The live real-time concert will be streamed entirely on OnePlus devices and for free on OnePlus’ Instagram account and Mads Langer’s YouTube channel.


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