OnePlus Launcher

OnePlus has dropped an update for the OnePlus launcher on your smartphone that adds a few useful little tweaks to navigation and search. I’ve already seen it on my OnePlus 8, and it’s a pretty nice upgrade.

OnePlus Launcher v 4.4

So what’s new? Once you grab the update from the Play Store, you’ll notice some changes in your recent apps section.

There are new small icons at the bottom row behind the screen previews of your open apps. This adds a little context to the apps that are open and lets you see everything you might want to jump to at a glance. Below that you’ll also a notice a change to the big X button on previous versions of the OnePlus launcher; now that button says “Close apps” to make it a little more clear what it actually does.

The other tweak here is that you can now long-press on an open app to access the shortcut menu that used to be present in the top corner of your recent apps. This makes it easier to lock an app in memory or shift it into split-screen without stretching across your display.

Outside of your recent apps, you can also very quickly jump to the search bar on your phone to find something. Simply tap and hold while swiping up to your app drawer to immediately go to the quick search bar. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, this should save you a little bit of time.

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