How nice of GSMArena to participate in OnePlus’s carefully choreographed leaks (marketing) campaign. Yawn………..


NotAnOpinion, 2 hours agoSo far, there’s very little excitement around the Net for the OP8 series.

Perhaps next year.
I think it may be because OP started as an alternative brand who was Chinese but made occidental like phones (at this time there was Wiko responsible fro bringing cheap Chinese phones outside of Asia, though at first peoples were careful about them and the first ones had many customer support issue not helping them), I was chocked when I discovered that OnePlus was actually Chinese…

From their first phone up toward the OP5 they made really good, original and unique phones that were true flagship killers, their performances were really comparable to the flagship of their time and they were really low priced comparatively, (AFAIK they are the one who started the Flagship Killer trend)…

But they now have increasingly higher priced phones and while the OnePlus 7 had quite unique features compared to the competition (pop up camera allowing true fullscreen display for the Pro and lots of really good and premium hardware), it didn’t really changed that much compared to how the OnePlus 6 was unique compared to others, it was one of the first smartphone to have a waterdrop notch, which was the least intrusive and not agressive design (like the Essential Phone who is more practical but less ascetically pleasing because of the rough edges), making it one of the first modern looking phones that only the punch hole start to replace.

The OnePlus 6 has Gorilla Glass 6 (one of the first to adopt it), a large battery (considering the new high end is now in 2020 at 4000mAh, a 3700mAh is quite good for 2018 !

Lots of RAM, really good memory, a big upgraded camera from the OnePlus 5.

Sadly the OnePlus 6T was also the loss of the 3.5mm Jack and the start of high end territory price…

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But they didn’t do much (or so it seem) with the OnePlus 8, actually it is a quite good and competitive smartphone, but from a brand who was often on top and did a lot of interesting things with low price, they now are among the most expensive, their feature are quite similar to the other smartphones, they choose to put a punch hole on both OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, they didn’t put back the Jack port…

A false positive thing is the IP68 ratting they only did for pleasing to fan, but it is useless since their phone were anyway already good against water, they probably didn’t do much compared to the OnePlus 7/7T to get the certification, but it cost a lot to get and it will add up to the already high price.

The good thing is that they FINALLY realized that wireless charging isn’t that bad since it cost almost nothing and is so flat it don’t really take much space anyway and there is no reasons to not give to all the peoples who want it this tech who was requested for years…

But when you consider that something like the Xiaomi/Redmi K30 Pro have similar specs and features, and for some actually better but is at half the price, I am not surprised that OnePlus new phones aren’t exiting anymore…

They are too similar to the rest for a too high price…


NotAnOpinion, 2 hours agoSo far, there’s very little excitement around the Net for the OP8 series.

Perhaps next year.
Considering that oneplus phone prices have increased considerably, it’s no surprise that interest has diminished. They used to sell good quality phones at amazingly low prices until quality slowly decreased while they increased the prices considerably. Their “flagship killers” are no different in price than actual flagships.


C’mon GSMArena !

Please just stop using “pop-up” in titles, that’s annoying when searching for news with “pop-up” as key words with the goal to find a smartphone with such feature, to get all those unrelated articles coming up, smartphones with pop-up are already rare enough and google is already stupid enough that when using “pop-up” as key word, it just give article talking about underdisplay camera “bEcAuSe ThEy PeRmIt To GeT RiD oF tHe PoP-uP cAmErA” or simply that X or Y phone “have ditched the pop-up camera” and other indirect references at it, which is even more annoying in the case of OnePlus who had this tech in their previous models.

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I deeply hate the guy responsible for getting peoples calling the lifting mechanism “pop-up” !

Anyway, that’s nice to see the IMX689 getting adopted by more smartphones, it could be the chance that this new amazing autofocus tech could spread to more phones and camera sensors !



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