Android has tons of metroidvania games available on the platform, including Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night. Which might just be the most popular game in the entire genre.

It’s an old game from the PS1 days, but also a classic that is loved by many. And since then there have been loads of titles trying to mimic and capture that same magic felt by the players the first time they booted it up. Thankfully one of the best metroidvania games in years is coming to Android and iOS devices in the near future.

We’re talking about Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night. If you were wanting a proper sequel for SOTN, Konami isn’t producing one. But Bloodstained is sort of like a spiritual successor and it’s definitely a game you’re going to want to pick up on mobile.

Bloodstained is one of the best metroidvania games, and it’s hitting Android globally

The game is being published by NetEase, so it would be understandable if the immediate worry was whether or not this game would come to the West. NetEase is also helping Blizzard with Diablo: Immortal. Another game which has no launch date.

Luckily NetEase has confirmed that the release of Bloodstained onto Android and iOS would be a global one. Which means US players will get their hands on the game to take with them wherever they go.

If there’s one downside it’s that there hasn’t been a confirmed release date yet. As of now, Bloodstained will be arriving on mobile platforms “soon,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean this month or next. Or even this year for that matter.

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No compromises will be made to gameplay or graphics

A big complaint with some mobile ports of console and PC games is that there will be compromises made. Either to gameplay, graphics, or both.

According to ArtPlay there will be no compromises made to either one. So players can expect the same awesome visual fidelity that was available on the PC and console versions.

Gameplay will be the same too. If there are any compromises at all to speak of, it’ll be for the controls. Obviously there has to be some changes made for controlling the game on a touchscreen mobile device.

But with that said, you may be able to play the game with a Bluetooth controller so it feels more like the regular version. This hasn’t been mentioned, but this type of game is ripe for gamepad support. The mobile version of Bloodstained will also come with all DLC content.

Which means you get the additional playable characters and everything that’s been released for the game since its initial launch.



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