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Educators are sharing mental health and suicide prevention resources with parents in the aftermath of a Southern Nash High School student’s suicide. 

Principal Hugh Scott shared the news Oct. 12 that a 15-year-old sophomore died Oct. 9.

“I am sharing this message today with a heavy heart,” Scott said in the announcement. “We are informing the Southern Nash community of the loss of one of our own bright young students. Our thoughts and prayers continue to pour out for (the student’s) family with such a sudden loss. I’m also very sad to tell you that the cause of death was suicide.”

The Enterprise isn’t identifying the student. 

Scott said suicide is a complicated act.

“Although we may never know why (the student) ended (his or her) life, we do know that suicide has multiple causes,” Scott said. “It’s really important if you or your child are not feeling well in any way to reach out for help. Suicide should not be an option.”

Scott said counselors and support staff are available for parents who would like their child to speak with someone. The help is available virtually.

“Parents and families, please check in with your children, not just about this situation but on a regular basis; focus not only on their grades but how they are doing mentally, socially and emotionally,” Scott said. “In order to remain safe in this stressful environment, remember communication is so important and is one of the first steps to identifying struggle. Again, please contact the school if your child needs to speak with a counselor.”

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The Mobile Crisis Team can be reached at 866-437-1821. The team is locally located and can come to anyone’s home if needed.



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