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Novak Djokovic news LIVE: World No 1 could miss French Open as Tennis Australia faces backlash

Fans appear to boo Andy Murray at Australian Open

The Australian Open continues without Novak Djokovic after the saga over the men’s defending champion’s visa was finally brought to an end on Sunday evening.

After Australia’s immigration minister had used his discretionary power to cancel Djokovic’s visa for a second time last week, the decision was upheld by three judges at an appeal, who determined that the world No 1’s presence “may be counterproductive to efforts at vaccination by others.” Djokovic was deported on Sunday and returned home to his native Belgrade, where he “will now be taking some time to rest and to recuperate, before making any further comments beyond this”.

However, the Serbian is already facing further problems over his vaccination status, with France’s sports minister announcing that athletes would not be exempt from the country’s Covid pass, throwing Djokovic’s participation at Roland Garros into doubt. “The vaccination pass has been adopted. As soon as the law is promulgated, it will become mandatory to enter public buildings already subject to the health pass (stadium, theatre or lounge) for all spectators, practitioners, French or foreign professionals,” Roxana Maracineanu wrote on Twitter.

Follow all the latest news, reaction and updates as the Australian Open continues.


Australian Open 2022: *Brengle 0-6 1-2 Osaka

Where did this come from? After winning her first game, Brengle unleashes her first winner, and than makes another with a clean backhand across court to set up two break points.

Osaka saves the first with an ace out wide before a strong serve down the middle is followed up by a short forehand winner. Good depth from Brengle brings up another break point but Osaka reels off two winners to either side of the court to get back to advantage, before firing an ace up the middle to take the hold.

Nice play from Osaka to get out of a tough couple of spots – she will have appreciated that after winning the opening set so comfortably.

Jamie Braidwood19 January 2022 08:52


Australian Open 2022: Brengle 0-6 1-1 Osaka*

Brengle raises her arms as she gets on the board – avoiding that dreaded double bagel – but that’s also a sign of her relief to finally win a game when Osaka is in this kind of form.

Jamie Braidwood19 January 2022 08:48


Australian Open 2022: Brengle* 0-6 0-1 Osaka

Osaka is playing some magnificent tennis at the moment.

Jamie Braidwood19 January 2022 08:44


Australian Open 2022: Brengle* 0-6 0-1 Osaka

Brengle gets a first look at a game at the start of the second set as she finds herself at 0-30 on Osaka’s serve, but the 24-year-old crushes a forehand down the line and then dominates the next point to set up the smash. A forehand then drifts long to take Brengle to deuce but an ace takes her to game point. Osaka constructs the next point beautifully but puts the volley into the net. She lets out a smile at the error but the game is wrapped up as Brengle goes long on a strong Osaka serve down the middle.

Jamie Braidwood19 January 2022 08:44


Australian Open 2022: Brengle 0-6 Osaka*

Osaka lets out a smile as she hits a smash into the net on set point – that would have been quite a fitting way to seal it. Credit to Brengle though, who stays in the game as the American desperately looks to get on the board, but there’s only so much so can do when Osaka is in this form. She smashes another crosscourt winner to set up a second set point which is duly taken as Brengle goes long.

That’s a 6-0 opening set for Osaka in just 20 minutes – which included 13 winners.

Jamie Braidwood19 January 2022 08:37


Australian Open 2022: Brengle* 0-5 Osaka

The serve isn’t too bad, either. Osaka wraps up the fifth game of the set inside 14 minutes as she lands an ace out wide. Could she beat Raducanu’s record from her opening set against Sloane Stephens yesterday?

Jamie Braidwood19 January 2022 08:33


Australian Open 2022: Brengle 0-4 Osaka*

Brengle looks up to her box in search of answers as Osaka smashes a clean winner down the line on her serve to seal the second break of the set.

This is brilliant from Osaka. She is hitting the ball so freely and is finding the lines with ease. She immediately put Brengle under pressure with a backhand crosscourt winner out of nowhere on the opening point of the game and the break was sealed by the forehand.

Jamie Braidwood19 January 2022 08:30


Australian Open 2022: Brengle* 0-3 Osaka

Osaka is looking really good out on Rod Laver. The winners are flying off her racket and she wraps up the third game of the set in just eight minutes. Brengle is struggling to put any pressure on Osaka and the two-time Australian Open winner is getting lots of time to pick her spots on her forehand.

Jamie Braidwood19 January 2022 08:26


Australian Open 2022: Brengle 0-2 Osaka*

And there’s the early break – sealed with a brilliant forehand down the line from Osaka. She won the opening point in the game with a powerful winner down to Brengle’s left and the American threw in a couple of uncertainty shots into the net to set up two break points – which Osaka duly converted.

Jamie Braidwood19 January 2022 08:22


Australian Open 2022: Brengle* 0-1 Osaka

A comfortable opening hold for Osaka, putting good pressure on Brengle even on her second serves with a couple of kicks out wide.

A nice early display of the power in her groundstrokes, too, and Brengle is immediately on the back foot here.

Jamie Braidwood19 January 2022 08:20


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