Nothing Seemingly Confirms 120Hz Display For Nothing Phone (1)

Nothing has released the second ‘Inside phone (1)’ video on YouTube, the second in the series. In it, the company kind of confirmed that the Nothing Phone (1) will include a 120Hz display.

The Nothing Phone (1) will include a 120Hz display, it seems

Why “kind of”? Well, the company’s employees didn’t flat out say it will be a 120Hz display. At one point in the video, while discussing the display, it is said “as long as it’s like OLED”, and right after that, he said: “as long as it’s like 120Hz, we’re sort of happy as a design team”.

So, this could technically mean that it’s a 90Hz display, but that it feels like a 120Hz display. That would explain the “as long as it’s like 120Hz” statement. I can’t help but wonder why didn’t Nothing clearly say “as long as it’s 120Hz”, or something like that.

Either way, it’s still easily possible we’re looking at a 120Hz display here, which is a bit surprising. A 90Hz panel has been rumored for the device, but a 120Hz one certainly wouldn’t be surprised.

This video also shows us the phone once again, and parts of its UI

Now, in that video, which is embedded below the article, Nothing also showed us the phone once again. The device has been shown from various angles, and the same goes for parts of its UI. I’ve included some screenshots below, but you’ll want to watch the entire video.

The Nothing Phone (1) has been shown by Nothing several times, while MKBHD also got the device early, and gave us a good look at its design, and even the Glyph interface for controlling the LED notification lights on the back.

The Nothing Phone (1) will become official on July 12. The company has confirmed that much. The device will not be launching in the US, it seems, but it will be available in both Europe and India.


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