Drone Logistics & Transportation market in North America is expected to grow from US$ 10.40 Mn in 2018 to US$ 525.35 Mn by the year 2027. This represents a CAGR of 55.67% from the year 2019 to 2027.

Growth in the e-commerce market is fueling dramatic changes in the warehouse is driving the drone logistics & transportation market. Owing to this the entire e-commerce market is gaining a great deal of attraction which further fueling the drone logistics and transportation market across the region. However, the time taken to deliver goods and parcels was longer in earlier days, with the emergence of advanced technologies and faster parcel delivery options such as through drones are making the e-commerce industry players simplify the delivery process and at a much lesser time. In the current drone logistics & transportation market scenario, drones are majorly deployed by e-commerce companies and several governments and private organizations to deliver time-sensitive goods, medicines and emergency response goods. Several governmental regulations have restricted the usage of drones for commercial delivery purposes in the earlier years, however, with the amendments of these regulations are helping the e-commerce industry players as well as several parcel delivery companies to use the service. Such factors are fueling the drone logistics & transportation market in the forecast period. For instance, the US Government body, the Federal Aviation Administration earlier has banned the usage of drones for deliveries in the US sky. This factor has attracted several e-commerce players, and parcel delivery partners such as Amazon, DHL, Walmart, Google and UPS among others

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The significant efforts are being taken by the Government towards drone logistics & transportation market, by following various rules and regulations set by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for supporting the progress of drones through new deployment, spectrum allocations, and infrastructure. Drones are extensively used in commercial, real estate, and agriculture sectors due to its highly exhibiting characteristics. With high adoption of drones in varied sectors, now it is gaining high momentum in logistics and transportation industries to further cater the needs of end users in the drone logistics & transportation market. Now, the drones are used for delivery purposes at individual’s door. Initiatives to be undertaken by the players and regulatory bodies aims to speed up integration of autonomous drones with U.S. airspace by working closely with drone-based technology companies. In addition to the deployment of delivery drones, the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) and the U.S. Department of Transportation has declared that 10 regions are selected to take part in an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (U.A.S.) Integration Pilot Program. Over a period, the selected areas are to conduct varied drone operation tests, including delivery of food and medical products, agricultural inspections, and border patrol. Also, the F.A.A. has obtained 149 proposals for a pilot program. The scope of drone deliveries is entering into the market of United States. In 2018, Zipline announced the fastest delivery drone with a top speed of 128 Kmph. This drone will help to reach various regions at a higher speed in the time of emergency. All these developments are results in the high rate of adoption of drone for delivery purpose in the region. All these initiative by the market player are enhancing the growth of drone logistics & transportation market.

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US is anticipated to leads the drone logistics & transportation market across the North American region through the forecast period. Army of the US is exploring utilization of drones to provide supplies to the soldiers on the field. It is a game-changing approach, identified as an emerging technology used to make future deliveries of the household items. The U.S. Marines has successfully used unmanned KMAX helicopter to offer 2 million kilograms of supplies to the units in Afghanistan. However, use of autonomous air transportation results into the creation of several dilemmas for an adversary, as it is not restricted to a ground route.

Similarly, Canada is capable to be a mover in an emerging space of the commercial drone delivery services which leads towards the growth of drone logistics & transportation market. Uruguay is highly investing in R&D for innovations for ensuring its sustainable development. As the companies in the region are growing and getting aware of drone logistics & transportations, the market is witnessing growth in the region.



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