HMD Global has been long-rumored to be working on a foldable smartphone. The device was expected to be announced sometime in the first quarter of this year but it did not turn fruitful. While it led to speculations if the launch of the foldable Nokia phone might not happen, it has been hinted that the company has not shelved the product yet.

Nokia Foldable Smartphone Rumors Emerge Online

Nokia Foldable Smartphone

Nokia Anew, a reliable source that provides information about the Nokia smartphones has posted a tweet revealing some details about the Nokia foldable smartphone. As per the tweet by the leakster, the foldable Nokia phone project is alive and under development. However, it could be launched sometime soon.

This move makes us believe that HMD Global grabs the position of a powerful smartphone manufacturer. Given that foldable smartphones are fragile and expensive and not suitable for all use cases, a Nokia foldable smartphone makes us believe that the company is powerful similar to rivals such as Samsung and Huawei that already have such devices in their portfolio.

For now, the only relatively usable foldable smartphone is Moto Razr but this device is expensive and underpowered. If HMD Global follows a similar design that we are familiar with the Nokia Communicator but with improved durability, then we can expect the upcoming foldable smartphone to be a successful model. Given that the COVID-19 outbreak has already dented many industries, we can expect the Nokia foldable smartphone to be unveiled sometime next year.

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Recent Nokia Smartphones

Last week, HMD Global unveiled three new smartphones in the US. Well, these are the Nokia C5 Endi, Nokia C2 Tava, and Nokia C2 Tennen. These newly launched Nokia smartphones feature a dedicated Google Assistant launcher. Similar to the previously launched Nokia smartphones, these devices also run Android One sans any customization. Similar to the devices in its portfolio, these new offerings are also priced reasonably and come with key notable highlights in their respective price segments.

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