Nokia 1

If you’re a Nokia 1 user, we have some great news for you: Android 10 is coming your way sometime soon. 

If you haven’t received the update yet, not to worry. Android 10 is rolling out to the Nokia 1 in waves, and they’re just getting started. Wave one, which includes many countries in South Asia, should be completed by July 12, 2020. 

For everywhere else, Nokia is still working on getting market approval for the update. This is where other “waves” come into play.

If you are a Nokia 1 user and reside in the first wave, but haven’t received the update by July 12, 2020, you may want to check the settings on your handset just to be sure the update isn’t waiting to be manually initiated. It may be as simple as hitting the “update” button, or you may have to give it a few extra days as they work to make it available to all of wave one.

Source: Nokia


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