Kuldeep Kumar of Gummar village under Jwalamukhi assembly constituency of Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district is making a lot of headlines. A viral report claiming that the father sold his cow to buy a smartphone to ensure his daughter continues her education during the coronavirus pandemic has earned him a lot of praise.  

Help has also been offered from various quarters, including by actor Sonu Sood. Reports said thousands of rupees have been deposited in his account since the report went viral. 

However, the district administration has fact-checked some of the claims made in the reports. Kuldeep Kumar has seven animals and sold his cow three months after he bought the smartphone for his daughter, Kangra officials said. 

After the news of Kuldeep selling the cow to ensure education for his daughter went viral, the district administration reached out to him with help. They found out that he has seven animals in his cowshed and takes care of his family by selling milk. 

Kuldeep’s children study in private schools and he has been providing expensive books and education to his wards even though a government school is near his house, district officials said. Due to a family dispute, he has made arrangements for their family to stay in the cowshed. 

After the viral news, the local administration visited his house to help him. They also collected information regarding the selling of the cow for Rs 6,000 and the purchase of the mobile. Investigation revealed that he sold one of his cows voluntarily to one Surendra Mohan of the same village for Rs 6,000 in July 10 days ago because he has no place to provide shelter to his animals in the rainy season.

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It was also revealed during the investigation that Kuldeep had bought the mobile for the online education of children three months ago on April 30, 2020. It also came to light that Kuldeep has been nominated for a new house under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana by the panchayat.

When asked about this, Deputy Commissioner of Kangra district, Rakesh Prajapati, said that reports doing the rounds are far from the facts on the ground. He said that the SDM and Tehsildar of Sub Divisional Jawalamukhi have done a thorough investigation about this family. 

He said the family is living in cowshed out of their will and the cow was also sold voluntarily. He said that the intention behind selling the cow was different than what is being reported. 

The Deputy Commissioner said that there was also an offer from the administration that the cow can be rebought and given to the man but he refused as he has no place to keep the animal. 



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