If you’ve been searching for a Nintendo Switch in stock over the last few weeks, you may have been sorely disappointed. For a while there it looked pretty much impossible to grab cheap Nintendo Switch deals, bundles, or even a console by itself for prices that weren’t ridiculously unreasonable – on both sides of the pond. However, this week you can take your pick of two Nintendo Switch bundles at Argos, and that feels really good to say. Grab either the Mario Kart 8 or the New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Nintendo Switch bundles today. 

That’s right, Nintendo Switch stock is back, though it does come with some pretty heavy caveats. One being the price. If you had your eye on Nintendo Switch bundles back when the console launched, you may be familiar with these £369 / £399 offers. Argos is throwing extra accessories into the mix to sweeten the deal, but if you can hold off for a return to normal pricing (whenever that may be) it might be worth considering. 

The second caveat is that you potentially won’t be receiving this Nintendo Switch for another two weeks, with the delivery stated to ship within the next 14 days. If you’re eager to get your hands on a console, though, you’ve probably seen far higher prices than these over the last few days, and this is the first batch of stock we’ve seen in a while. 

This Nintendo Switch stock may not last long, so if you’ve been hankering for the Ninty console over the past few weeks, don’t hesitate to snap one up while the price is steady. We’re also tracking all the cheapest Nintendo Switch games in the US and UK further down the page.

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Nintendo Switch is back in stock in the UK

Nintendo Switch | Super Mario Bros. U | accessory pack | £369 at Argos
Grab this Super Mario Bros. U bundle and you’ll grab the starter accessory pack as well. That’s a lot of gear, and a heftier price tag than we usually like to see. But, with no other retailers finding stock of their own to offer, if you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch in stock in the UK, you’ll be heading over to Argos.

Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 | power pack stand | racing wheel | £399 at Argos
This is a pretty hefty price tag, but it’s eased a little by the amount of goodies you’re getting in this bundle. If you’ve been searching for the Nintendo Switch in stock, you’ll be glad to see it shipping within 14 days at Argos this week. Plus, you can pick up a copy of Mario Kart 8 worth £50, a power pack stand worth £24.99, and a racing wheel worth £15.99. That comes up just shy of its value under a £399 price tag, but if you’re itching for a Switch, this is the only retailer with a hint of stock right now.
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Cheap Nintendo Switch games

Looking for more? We’re rounding up all the latest Nintendo Switch deals right here on TechRadar, but you can also find excellent PS4 sales and Xbox One bundles to see you through as well. 

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