New PerfectDraft Pro beer machine is smarter and app controlled for an even better pour

(Pocket-lint) – PerfectDraft has launched a second generation version of its beer pouring machine, this time with mobile app control.

The PerfectDraft Pro uses the same beer and cider kegs as the original device, but now has variable temperature control, smart pour technology, and a dedicated iOS and Android app that can be used to operate the machine remotely.

It is styled similarly to the standard PerfectDraft machine, with an LED display showing the amount of beer left in the keg and the temperature. However, it can be connected to the PerfectDraft app to also monitor how much remains, plus the number of days the keg has left for optimum freshness, plus the ability to turn up or down the ideal temperature.

You can also turn on push notifications to be informed when your beer is ready to pour or nearly empty, and even order new kegs from Beer Hawk.

A new smart pour system on the pump reduces the amount of foam generated.

“The PerfectDraft Pro is the next step in the evolving technology of home beer, allowing beer lovers to become a draught master,” said PerfectDraft’s global director of product, Tim Deeks.

“There’s something incredibly satisfying about pouring yourself a beer, and with this new machine we’ve done everything to make that experience as smooth and perfect as possible, allowing users to truly celebrate the moment of the pour.”

The PerfectDraft Pro will is available now priced at £385 in the UK. The original PerfectDraft machine will continue to be available from £249.99.

There are over 40 kegs available from big name brands, such as Stella Artois, Budweiser, BrewDog, and Beck’s.

Writing by Rik Henderson.


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