Metro Exodus is a post-apocalyptic shooter set in Russia, and focuses on the struggles of a band of soldiers known as Spartan Rangers. In the game, you have to venture outside the tunnels in order to find a haven in the East.

The game was published by Deep Silver, but that company is owned by THQ Nordic. Buried between the announcements of new games and studio acquisitions, THQ Nordic’s head, Lars Wingefors, announced that 4A Games was working with THQ Nordic on another Metro game. It’s unclear if 4A Games is working with THQ Nordic directly now, or if the sequel will be under the Deep Silver label.

We don’t know anything about the project as of yet, but it’s safe to assume that it might take us to new areas. Hopefully, it’s a direct sequel to Metro Exodus and not a spin-off. Hopefully, more information will be revealed at E3 2020, if not sooner. If you haven’t played Metro Exodus, you can do so through Xbox Game Pass right now.

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