(Pocket-lint) – Google is introducing a major change to its Google Pay app, to make it easier to send money and understand your finances.

The app now features an interface that highlights people over transactions, which means you’ll see activity grouped around friends and businesses – just like you do in Venmo. You can simply tap your friend or mom and send them money, rather than search for them. It’s easy.

Google Pay also now offers a group payment feature. You can even use the app to pay your bill at restaurants, gas stations, and parking services in select cities starting 18 November 2020. But, unlike Venmo, your money transfers will only be visible to you and your recipient.

Another cool feature: Google Pay can now scan your Photos. Imagine you took a picture of your receipt at Pizza Hut; you can later search for the word “pizza” and Google will scan your Photos to find that word and pull up that transaction. You can pull in receipts from Gmail, too. 


Finally, a new Mint-like Insights section in the app has been added to show all your spending habits. It also pulls information from connected bank accounts, credit, and debit cards. It’ll even remind you when bills are due and alert you to large purchases in case of fraudulent activity.

Google Pay can send you reports on your activity, too. It may show things like “here’s what you spent on this week”, for instance. 

Google said Pay now has more than 150 million monthly users in 30 countries. Its updated app is now rolling out to Android and iOS users.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.



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