Facebook has announced that some new Facebook Messenger features are now available. Instagram Chat is also getting some new features as well. The announcement comes via the Messenger News website. New features are always cool to get.  Facebook says that people rely on Messenger more than ever to stay connected.

The company says that the Messenger team has been focusing on creating more features that make people feel together. This is important as the pandemic continues to keep some people from interacting together. So being able to connect with friends and family and share experiences is an important goal.

First up are some new themes for Facebook messenger. Fans who love Star Wars and the Netflix series Selena are in for a treat. As both now have some new themes to customize Facebook Messenger with. This is a nice way for users to be able to express themselves and connect with those who have the same tastes. Imagine having a big Star Wars group chat with a theme that matches. That would be pretty cool.

It is easy to activate the new themes. All users have to do is go to the chat settings and tap “Theme.” The themes also are available in Instagram Chat as well. Next up Facebook is new stickers to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

The new Messenger camera stickers will let users support and raise awareness of key issues that are important to the Asian Pacific American community. Advocates and allies alike will be able to bring awareness to the issues that hurt the community. Hopefully, this will help to bring everyone together.

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New Facebook Messenger features and Instagram Chat features help you express yourself

The Kids Messenger camera also has its own stickers to celebrate this community. Next, up the company is introducing a visual reply via Instagram DM on iOS. Android support for this new feature is on the way.

Another addition to new ways to reply is a new tap-to-record feature that lets Messenger send an audio message. The feature will be coming to Instagram soon as well. At first, users had to hold the mic symbol. But now they can simply tap the mic and talk away.

Another new feature coming to Instagram Chat is the ability to see when your friend has seen your message. Sometimes you may be curious if someone has seen the message. Sometimes waiting for someone to respond can be annoying. At least know you’ll know that they have seen it. Although, if they don’t reply that could be another problem.

Lastly is a feature that OCD users will love. Messenger users can now swipe to archive their messages. A new Archived Chats folder will hold all of these archived messages that way the primary inbox will stay clean. The Archived Chats folder will also make it easier to find these threads.

The new features should be accepted by almost all users. The features make it easier to express themselves as they connect with their loved ones.



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