Nevada Department of Transportation snow plowers prepare for heavy snowfall this weekend – Fox 5 Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The wet weather is expected to return this weekend and with that comes another snowstorm up in the mountains.

For 11 years, John Herman has been turning the key to NODT’s snow plows to head out on the roads.

“Coming from northern Nevada originally, I have always enjoyed the snow and found it to be fun,” said Herman.

Herman said, at the age of 15 years old, his dad taught him the ins and outs of operating a snow plow.

“My dad taught me way back when to have a light hand on the ice and try to be smooth,’ said Herman.

He said the skills to operate a snow plow came naturally.

“God-given talent,” said Herman. “I can practice to play in the NBA all day long but I am never going to play but this here is what I was given.”

Herman along with three other workers for NDOT are responsible for 300 lane miles in the Mount Charleston area.

“If we want to run the plow, we push the green button. you just pull the trigger and then give the motion,” said Herman.

Herman said while he loves the job, there are some dangers.

“The plows will hydroplane, the plows will slide, we are trying to move its speed and that is counterintuitive because if you are on ice, you would think that you would need to slow down but for us, we need to move at a specific speed to throw that snow to get it away from the road,” said Herman.

Herman’s main goal is to keep roads open.

“Some people don’t but I look forward to the snowstorms,” said Herman. “They give us a chance to go out and exercise what we are good at and what we take great pride in.”


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