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Netflix has added a much-requested feature to Android devices that will allow you to manage your Continue Watching list. This should help you keep things clear and remove shows that you lost interest in halfway through the second season, or terrible movies that you just can’t convince yourself to finish.

We’ll show you how.

Netflix’s instructions are pretty simple. Just two steps, actually:

You’ll notice a new menu icon on titles in your Continue Watching row. All you’ll need to do is tap that new icon, and select Remove From Row to clear it from the list.

That’ll nix it from your currently watching list to make room for other shows that you do actually want to watch.

You can check your Netflix app for this update right now, but Netflix has clarified that this is rolling out in stages. Your device might not have it yet, but it should within the next couple weeks. If you’re still struggling with a cluttered list, just sit tight; the solution is on the way.

If Netflix isn’t scratching that itch for you, there are tons of other streaming services that you can pick from these days. We’ve compiled a huge list of different streaming apps that deliver everything from gripping dramas to horror movies to completely free TV. Whatever your budget or taste in movies and TV shows, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re a fan of Netflix originals? Try HBO Now. You’ll get a huge catalog of original TV shows dating back decades, including some really big deals like Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, and Westworld.

If you like the variety on Netflix? Try Hulu. It’s the closest competitor to Netflix with original movies and TV shows, including The Handmaid’s Tale. They’ve also been rolling some of their own movies, and there’s a ton of back content to work through, too. It’s especially great if you like network TV shows.

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Want live TV instead? Try YouTube TV. It’s a little different than Netflix, but there’s no shortage of stuff to watch here. It’s also arguably the best live TV streaming service with a ton of channels, including live sports. The cloud DVR is the best in the business, too, and Google offers quite a bit of platform support for YouTube TV.

Want something free? Try Pluto TV. It was recently purchased by Viacom but offers a huge slate of channels catering to every demographic available. You can watch any of these 24/7 and can find home design shows, old movies, action shows, GoPro footage, pet cams, and more. Most importantly, it’s completely free; you don’t have to ditch Netflix to try this one out.

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