The infotainment touchscreen looks great, too, and the use of plush materials in all the right places lends the Jag an air of real quality. Space is plentiful, with room for two lanky individuals to sit behind two equally tall people. Boot space is reasonable and there’s a much smaller, additional boot at the front of the car, where you might expect to find a conventional engine.

The I-Pace has been around since 2018, so there are plenty on the used market. Expect to pay around £45,000 for a 2018 S car. Up that to £50,000 for a 2019 example, and between £50,000 and £60,000 for a higher-spec model or a 2020 car.

Need to know

Annual road tax will be free, but you will pay a luxury car tax supplement. It’s a fixed sum levied on cars that cost over £40,000 when new and currently stands at £325 a year.

Insurance costs will be on the high side and servicing is required every year.

The I-Pace comes from new with a three-year/unlimited-mileage warranty and the battery itself is covered for eight years from new, with a 100,000-mile limit.

There was the option when buying new of changing the standard suspension set-up for air suspension and that’s worth seeking out on a used car.

Our pick

I-Pace EV400 S: Even the most basic I-Pace is handsomely equipped, and this S version has so far been the biggest seller, which means tracking down a good used one should be easier. We’d look for one of these and keep those costs down.

I-Pace EV400 SE: Sitting neatly between the popular S and the top-spec HSE, the SE is worth a punt if you value the addition of larger alloys, a high-speed emergency braking system and adaptive cruise control.

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Ones we found

2018 I-Pace EV400 S, 20,000 miles, £44,965

2018 I-Pace EV400 HSE, 5000 miles, £57,000

2019 I-Pace EV400 SE, 12,000 miles, £61,995



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