Napa transit center

The Napa Transit Center

The Napa Valley Transportation Authority has adopted a resolution that commits the agency to follow the Riding Together: Bay Area Healthy Transit Plan procedures for frequent system cleaning, personal protective equipment and face coverings and social distancing.

The plan recognizes that the region’s transit systems all connect with each other through transferring riders and a consistent health and safety plan to combat the spread of the coronavirus is essential to keep the region’s transit system operating safely.

The Ppan identifies standards and clarifies the responsibilities of transit workers and riders. Guidelines for face coverings, social distancing, hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting, ventilation, touchless fares, and minimizing vocalization onboard are included in the plan.

Vine Transit riders are slowly returning as the parts of the region eases restrictions on certain activities. Regional participation in this plan will help ensure the safety of riders and transit employees as ridership continues to increase, NVTA said in a news release.

The Bay Area Transit Plan was jointly developed by transit operators in all nine Bay Area counties through their work with the Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force that oversees the recovery of transit in the Bay Area.

Alfredo Pedroza, a Blue Ribbon Task Force member, Metropolitatn Transportation Commission commissioner and NVTA board chairperson, said that “the region’s transit systems keep our labor force moving, reduce traffic on our highways and freeways, and provide essential transportation for many of the Bay Area’s residents – riders need to know they’re safe before they’ll start riding again”.


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