Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered coaching and leadership development startup has launched AI based learning & development products kWurd and uSpeek.

kWurd is an email writing AI coach application and uSpeek is an AI based tool to improve verbal communication skills.The global AI training dataset market size was valued at $956.5 million in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.5%, according to a release.

Delhi-NCR based products use Natural Language Processing (NLP), sentiment analysis and data learning, to give the user personalized and contextual feedback. It mines data to show inherent de-railing patterns across teams, functions and geographies, providing insights for individuals and organizations ultimately delivering business performance.

myjen’s team comes with 40 plus years of coaching, learning, and development experience and has worked with 50 plus corporate clients, and 100,000 trainees in 24 countries.

Shammi Pant, co-founder, said, “In the new normal emerging from the pandemic, increasingly as people are moving towards a future of work with hybrid workplaces, new-age technologies will play a major role towards enabling effective virtual communication. This includes AI-based products and solutions that help enhance communication and interpersonal skills. At ‘myJen AI’ our apps ‘uSpeek’ and ‘kWurd’ use an AI-based interface to give real-time, personalized, contextual coaching on written & oral communication skills, managing talent, soft skills training, and microlearning”

According to Jenny Sarang, co-founder,, “We are looking at reaching out to ITES, financial, pharmaceutical, retail. services, HR recruiting firms, and manufacturing industries. The education sector is also a huge focus area at a college, university level as well as organizations coaching students for MBA, civil services entrance. In any field, approximately 80% of your success is determined by your communication skills. Our products are highly analytical thus they have a very data-driven approach to coaching. You can get a view of the skill level across your organization by team, geography, level, and even customer. At 1/100th the cost of classroom training our solution is highly affordable and scalable.”

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kWurd is an email writing AI coach application that helps users with their communications style, clarity, writing style, empathy, sentiments, emotions, spelling, grammar, and word statistics backed by a team of communication, AI experts & developers.

uSpeek is an AI-based tool which helps in improving spoken word. From body language, word power, to voice it gives a holistic analysis, in a matter of minutes. After sharing the video, it gives a detailed report on 25 unique parameters across three major areas: body language, word power & voice.



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