My friend called my McDonald’s hack a game changer – it makes eating with the kids in the car so much easier

A MUM has taken to social media to share her McDonald’s hack for eating in the car.

The hack involves McDonald’s Happy meal and she says it helps kids out when sat in the back.

A mum took to TikTok to share her handy McDonald's hack for the car


A mum took to TikTok to share her handy McDonald’s hack for the carCredit: TIKTOK – ROBINWILLIAMS22

TikTok user @robinwilliams22 uploaded the video along with the title: ‘Am I the only person that does this?

‘It’s a game changer when the kids have to eat in the car.’

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The video also has the caption: ‘McDonald’s happy meal hack?’

Robin starts by saying: “OK, so I’m just curious if any other mums or people in general do this with their kids’ Happy Meals.

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‘I showed it to a friend and she said oh my God I didn’t know you could do that!

Robin then takes the Happy Meal box and opens up each of the four flaps before ripping them off.

This leaves a handy open-topped box she says you can stick the food directly in.

In the comments Robin says: “It’s so handy in the car!

‘I just dump their fries and nuggets in and I’m done.’

It apparently makes it much easier for the kids to eat from and causes less mess in the car too.

People were blown away by the hack in the comments under the TikTok video.

One said: “ummm 😏”

To which Robin replied: “Right? 😂”

It helps kids eat their Happy Meal more easily in the back


It helps kids eat their Happy Meal more easily in the backCredit: TIKTOK – ROBINWILLIAMS22


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