Last week, I recommended the first novel in this trilogy by Irish author and comedian Caimh McDonnell, called A Man With One of Those Faces. I liked it so much that I immediately started reading the sequel.

It features most of the same characters: an oddball drifter who somehow turns into a private detective, his sort-of girlfriend who actually does all the detective work, his drunken policeman frenemy, and crazed German shepherd that drinks Guinness, among others. The story unfolds when said cop, or “Garda,” disappears, and the other protagonists have to find and eventually save him from Bad Guys hellbent on revenge for something he did decades ago. The books take place in Dublin, and they’re legitimately hilarious. I’m not the kind of person who laughs out loud while reading a book by myself. But I definitely giggled a bit, a few times, while flipping pages here.

I’m also learning lots of fun Irish slang and curse words, which I appreciate.


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