Once the darling of moviegoers in the early 90’s wanting to know when a particular film was showing at a cinema, Moviefone has been bought for just $1.075million by Born in Cleveland LLC whose winning bid is a pittance of what AOL paid for it back in 1999, a whopping $388 million. Moviefone was sold off by Helios Matheson & Analytics as part of its bankruptcy proceedings.

While it isn’t known what Born in Cleveland LLC intends to do with its purchase of Moviefone, it’s quite unlikely that the service will revisit its glory days from year’s past. As a product that was rendered obsolete by the advent of the internet, search engines, and smartphones, Moviefone was eventually bought for $9 million in cash and stock by Helios Matheson & Analytics, who also own MoviePass.

Seinfeld fans will remember the episode where Kramer was the king of movie listings, with Moviefone becoming part of pop-cultural history in the process. We’ll let you know if Born in Cleveland announces what it plans to do with the Moviefone branding as and when it happens.

Source: TheWrap

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