Motorola has finally filled the odd gap in its Moto G8 lineup – namely, the actual Moto G8. The G8 Power and G8 Plus have been out for a few months now, ahead of the standard G8 model, but the range is now complete.

The Moto G8 looks an awful lot like various of the leaked renders we’ve seen over the last couple of months, with a punch-out selfie camera on the main display, and an array of lenses on the phone’s back. Indeed, Motorola is keen to position the G8 as a great choice for photographers in the mid-range bracket. 

We’ll wait to see how that holds up under actual use, based on our experience with the Moto G8 Plus and G8 Power – in fact, the G8’s cameras look to be extremely similar to the array on the back of the G8 Power, so the performance of the two might be identical (and therefore potentially not too brilliant). You’re getting a 16MP main camera, along with a 2MP macro lens, 8MP ultra-wide lens, and that 8MP selfie camera.

Of course, the screen is the same size, too, at a chunky 6.4 inches, with HD+ resolution. It’ll also launch with Android 10 on board, as you’d hope. 


Mid-range specs confirmed

Also returning from the G8 Power are the Snapdragon 655 chip and 4GB allocation of RAM, reiterating that this isn’t a flagship phone, but still promising pretty solid performance for a reasonable price. 

While the huge 5,000mAh battery that the G8 Power brings to play can’t be matched in the non-battery focused model, the Moto G8 still gets a 4,000mAh alternative that Moto says should see you through 40 hours of use without trouble. Those are still numbers to make Apple and Samsung’s flagships blush, so we’re not complaining.

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Motorola hasn’t concretely confirmed pricing or availability for the new model, either, although we’d expect it to fall in a similar range to the other G8 phones, around the £200 mark. 



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