You will always look at it from the side, because it is above all the edges that strike in the motorola edge (there is also the larger version, edge +). The new 5G smartphone of the (well) found American company in fact, as the name suggests , has the edges of the Endless Edge curved display, very curved, so much so that they form a angle of almost 90 degrees on both sides, going to “embrace” the body of the device. In addition, the so-called Edge Touch, which is part of the new suite of software features MY UX, allows you to customize your way of interacting with the device: for example, by scrolling on the edges up or down, you can consult the notifications panel or switch between applications.

The bright idea (which will make you fall in love)
By selecting the option in the settings, it is possible to activate Edge Lights. The curved edges of the phone in this way light up to discreetly communicate important information , such as the battery level while we are recharging it, alarm clocks, incoming calls. You can also decide to activate the lighting only when the display is facing downwards.

On the design front, the rear polycarbonate shell also stands out (which looks like glass) characterized by the presence of the Motorola logo in relief in the center and by the photographic module arranged vertically in the upper left part of the smartphone.

We finally look at the phone “in the face”: the new Endless Edge display – with report 21: 9 (particularly narrow and long) – stretches 6.7 inches, helping to create a more immersive visual experience. Nice to look at but also functional for one-handed use. The smartphone is unlocked very quickly via the fingerprint reader which is located just below the display. The possibility of having a preview of the notifications without even having to unlock the phone is very useful.

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On the front of the images, however, the main camera of motorola edge has a sensor from 64 MP, who even become 108 MP in the edge + version, i.e. the highest resolution ever achieved by a smartphone . The triple camera system offers a lens for every type of shot: you can capture every detail from afar using the high resolution optical zoom on the 8MP telephoto lens, take panoramic photos with the ultra-wide angle lens from 16 MP or approach a subject and capture any detail through the Macro Vision sensor.

As far as autonomy is concerned, motorola edge is equipped with a 4 battery. 500 mAh that, even in the most intense days of smart working, has been able to handle stress well and, at the end of the day, there was always at least one 30% of residual charge. The older brother, on the other hand, mounts a 5000 mAh battery, the widest you can have on any 5G phone on the market, which – according to the company – should allow two days of use.

Courtesy in the box
In the package of the Motorola edge there is also a soft transparent silicone cover that saves the phone and increases its grip. So it is not necessary to immediately dive into an online store to buy one and protect the new product from the first day.

The verdict
In short, motorola edge is a complete smartphone and with an excellent value for money (it costs 699, 99 €; instead the plus version goes up decidedly: 1. 199, 99 €). In addition, Motorola must be acknowledged that it has been able to find a way to differentiate itself in a department where innovating is increasingly difficult.


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