Currently, Bitcoin SV is ranked at #9 on coinmarketcap. The price of BSV is $160.11. A drop of 2.98% was noted in the course of the past 24-hours. The circulating supply involves 17,854,986 BSV tokens. 

The trading volume recorded is $365.697 million. The total market cap of Bitcoin SV is $2.858 billion. Throughout his life, Craig Wright the founder of BSV has claimed to be responsible for a few inventions: the structure of Lasseter’s Online, being the co-author of the Bitcoin whitepaper, and so on.

However, most people around the world look at him as a “scam artist”. In fact, his nickname is “Fake Satoshi”.

This was tweeted by one of his naysayers, which amount to thousands across the globe:

After the news of linking to Craig Steven Wright’s Wiki page went viral, he has since been the subject of embarrassing leaks. This was undoubtedly the work of a true Bitcoin[BTC] supporter who absolutely detests a human being taking credit for someone else’s work.

In fact, most people other than die-hard BSV supporters look at him as nothing more than a scam artist. He is set to attend Vaudeville.

C***.com is truly hilarious. A few years back, the great BBC news network and the Wall Street Journal had done stories on this fraudulent individual. He was a primary reason why the hard fork occurred for the Bitcoin Cash network.

He wished to get Bitcoin whitepaper copyrighted to him. He has been accused of submitting “false evidence” and has committed perjury as well. The relatives of David Kleiman state that Craig had cheated them of thousands of dollars.

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Don’t believe the hype created by a man whose only achievement in the field of blockchain is an utterly false claim of him being the original Satoshi Nakamoto. He will surely lose the cases piling up against him.