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More than half of UK businesses don’t use social media to promote themselves, poll finds

A staggering six in 10 businesses still don’t use social media to boost their customer base, according to a poll.

Despite it being one of the most popular forms of communication, a study of 500 owners of small to medium sized organisations found more than a quarter don’t post on Facebook.

Another four in 10 don’t make the most of Instagram to market their products and services while just two in 10 post on LinkedIn – the UK’s largest professional networking website.

It also emerged that 40 per cent are completely unaware how to advertise their business.

Meanwhile others went as far as to say they have no idea how to build an online profile, while a few don’t understand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

As a result, nearly a third seek advice from others, with friends and family being the first port of call.

Rob Wass, director and co-founder of digital marketing platform, Adzooma, which commissioned the research, said: “We’re currently experiencing digital transformation like no other, therefore digital marketing and online advertising is more important than ever.

“We’ve experienced a global pandemic and it’s become significantly more important for businesses to move online.

“It’s not necessarily surprising to see that around half of small business owners don’t know how to best market their business, as for a lot of people it’s complicated and challenging given that they’re not digital marketers.

“However, in order to succeed businesses must be online and there are platforms and solutions available out there to achieve this.”

The survey found that 37 per cent value a website as the most important marketing tool in order for people to find them or know who they are.

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A third value having a social media profile presence while others rely on having online reviews and an offline presence as ways to promoting their business.

But nearly half of owners polled via OnePoll admit they could have made more sales if they had marketed themselves properly online.

David Sharpe, Adzooma’s director and co-founder, added: “Marketing your business online to be seen and gain greater client exposure is so invaluable in today’s market.

“Having no online presence at all can pose a huge risk to sales and long-term relationships. It’s understandable that business owners struggle with this part of the process, as they’re not necessarily marketeers.”



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