Monoprices introduces ultrawide curved 49, 34-inch gaming monitors

Monoprice’s Dark Matter line is expanding with two new monitors that aim to pack size alongside sizeable value. The pair of newcomers are both ultrawide curved gaming monitors, with the 34-inch model costing $499 while the 49-incher will sell at $999. That’s right, just under $1,000 for 49 inches of ultrawide 5120x1440p, curved, 120Hz, 1ms response time, VESA-compatible goodness.

Make no mistake, the 34-inch option has merits of its own. It shares the VESA compatibility and 1ms response time, though its resolution is 3440x1440p and it goes up to 165Hz in the refresh rate department.

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Both monitors sport Quantum LCD, VA panel tech. The 49-inch screen has a 1800R curvature while the 34-inch’s is 1500R.

If you’re not wowed by Monoprice’s new screens, it has a bunch of other monitors on offer as well, including a recently announced 32-inch alternative. And if none of that is doing it for you, check out the best gaming monitors to find out which we consider to be the best of the best.

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