Air purifiers have become a common household device to reduce pet air and particulate matter in the home. Now that pure air seems to be on everyone’s minds for greater health concerns, more consumers are turning to air purifiers to provide a cleaner home environment.

As one of the air purifiers the covers the most area (up to 1,000 square feet), the Molekule Air Pro offers a unique technology that sets it apart from other air purifiers on the market. Priced at $1,100, it’s also one of the most expensive air purifiers on the market. However, after trying it out for a few weeks, it is an investment that pays a healthy return in the form of clean, fresh air.

Molekule Air Purifier Technology

Molekule has developed its own air purification technology that goes far beyond that of other air purifiers on the market. Air purifiers typically all work the same way. The device draws air in that contains pollutants. The pollutants are collected on a filter or series of filters. Then, the air leaves the device without those pollutants.

Molekule’s technology goes one step further to ensure you are rid of pollutants and particulate matter. It developed technology that it refers to as (PECO Photo Electrochemical Oxidation). The company’s website explains that this technology captures and destroys pollutants while they are still in the air that passes through the device.

Then, using a filter with a coated material that starts a chemical reaction, it breaks pollutants down to the molecular level as they pass through the air purifier. These pollutants even include allergens, bacteria, and viruses.

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Other Unique Features

There are two unique features to the Air Pro not found on the other Molekule air purifier models or on other air purifiers I’ve tried. The first is the particulate matter sensor, which is made to detect three different levels of particulate matter. The sensor will show you four different colors to indicate the level of particulate levels in the room.  Knowing this can help you determine what fan speed you may need to use to improve the air.

The other differentiating feature on the Air Pro is the auto-protect mode. There are two of these modes, including standard and quiet. This feature can automatically adjust the fan speed based on what the sensor reports related to particulate matter. It is intended to optimize air purification, and it seemed to do just that.

More Features

The Molekule Air Pro has six fan speeds. It has a fairly low noise level for being so large, ranging from 33 to 64 dBa, depending on the fan speed you are using.

The Molekule App

Molekule gives you an app  that you can download and use on your mobile devices. With it, you can control the air purifier from anywhere, monitor air particulate levels and filter life, and sign-up for filter auto-refills. If you get more than one Molekule air purifier, the app will manage all of them regardless of the model.


Auto-Refill Filter Program

Molekule offers an auto-refill program. The filter is actually two filters in one (Pre-Filter and PECO-Filter). The refill pack costs you $99 for a six–month supply, which is about the time period they last before needing replacement.

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What I Like

There are many things to like about the Molekule Air Pro. It delivers such clean and fresh air. It covers a large area, is easy to set-up and use, and it has a valuable and convenient app. The screen and app give me a clear picture of the state of the air in my home.

What Could Be Better

The Molekule Air Pro is a big investment. It does pay off in terms of very clean area in a large space. The good thing is that Molekule also offers smaller models in case you don’t need to cover such an area that are less. In researching the product, I also saw that the company provides regular coupons and deals that lower the price.

Where to Buy

The Molekule Air Pro will be available for pre-order on September 22 at Amazon, Best Buy (online), and for $999 at launch ($200 off regular price of $1199). The air purifier will then ship in mid-October.

Final Thoughts

The Molekule Air Pro delivers clean air for a large space. It has features that no other air purifier has and comes from a company that is now making commercial and medical grade air purifiers for hospitals and schools. This makes me feel even more confident that I have an air purifier that is cleaning the air better than any other device currently available. For those with compromised breathing, this is especially a worthwhile investment.



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