Mobvoi today has officially announced the TicWatch GTH, which has the ability to measure your skin temperature as well as track your everyday exercises.

Daily activity tracking is nothing new. It’s the skin temperature monitor that really sets this watch apart from other wearables options. This is a feature which isn’t present on very many other smartwatches or fitness trackers. And it’s Mobvoi’s first wearable device altogether to feature this capability.

It has a few other tricks up its sleeve too. And Mobvoi is charging less than $100 for it. This makes it one of the company’s most affordable watches to date. Mobvoi says its goal with the TicWatch GTH was to bring the consumer an extremely affordable smartwatch option that was able to detect vital signs that could help them improve their overall health and wellbeing. It seems like the company may have succeeded with this release.

The TicWatch GTH can measure skin temperature and blood oxygen saturation

Two of the biggest features on the watch are the skin temperature monitoring and the blood oxygen saturation sensor. Both of these features are less common than things like heart rate sensors. Which are available on nearly every tracker and smartwatch these days.

For Mobvoi, adding these two features was a must. And the company was able to do so for under $100. Which is probably the more impressive part. Blood Oxygen Saturation sensors are available in a handful of different wearables, but not usually this inexpensively.

The TicWatch GTH retails for $79.99. Mobvoi says the skin temp monitor is non-invasive, and it continuously monitors the data it was designed for 24/7. So you always have the capability to glance down at your wrist and take a look if you’re curious.

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You get up to a week of battery life

One of the continuing problems with smartwatches is battery life. Many of them only last for a day or two. But Not the TicWatch GTH. Mobvoi claims it can last for up to a week on a single charge. So you shouldn’t have to toss it on the charger every single night before you go to bed.

Battery life will of course vary from person to person. And your usage may differ from someone else to a point that it doesn’t last as long. In addition to the week-long battery life the TicWatch GTH also has a 1.55-inch TFT display covered with 2.5D glass, a 5ATM swim rating, and you can pick it up from both Amazon and Mobvoi.

TicWatch GTH



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