Foldables are not a new concept in the mobile phone industry. And if we go by a new report from XDA, MIUI 12 code hints that Xiaomi is also working on a foldable phone, codenamed ‘Cetus’.

The iconic Razr phone from Motorola is an example of the existence of a foldable design. But it has been seen that this design has been on a rise among smartphone OEMs.

We have Samsung with its Galaxy Z Flip, and Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 2. Huawei has its Mate X as its only foldable offering. Moreover, LG is also working on its next Explorer Project phone called ‘Project B’, which would be a foldable device.

Motorola, as mentioned, brought back the iconic foldable device in a new form factor, Motorola Razr, which sports an all-screen design. And now, as per a report by XDA, Xiaomi may soon join the foldable smartphone bandwagon.

As per evidence in the MIUI 12 code,  XDA Senior Member kacskrz reveals that Xiaomi is working on a foldable device which the company has codenamed ‘Cetus’.

Besides, this code was spotted within MIUI 12’s latest China Closed Beta for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Moreover, we also get some clues about the specs of the Xiaomi foldable Cetus.

Xiaomi Cetus foldable phone is expected to pack a 108MP camera sensor

The code only returns this value, which was intended to mean isFoldAbleDevice. There are some other codes that hint at the monitoring of foldable display and changes to its folding state.

All these almost confirm that Xiaomi indeed is working on a foldable device, and Cetus is not a fluke. Additionally, the Xiaomi Cetus is expected to run MIUI based on Android 11.

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And it is also expected to pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (there is not much clarity on which one, though). Another highlighting feature of this is that it will come with a 108MP camera.

However, there is not much clarity on what technology Xiaomi will be adopting for its foldable device Cetus. Or which folding mechanism the Xiaomi Cetus would have.

If we have to take a guess here, which we would anyway do, we expect it to pack the Snapdragon 8xx series flagship processor. Since foldable comes with a premium price tag and they should pack premium specs, unlike the Motorola Razr.

For the unaware, the Xiaomi Cetus is not the first foldable phone that has been under works from the company. Notably, Xiaomi has teased its foldable concept phone on multiple occasions, previously. However, it did not materialize.

We expect this to actually come into the hands of the customers. As Samsung is already gearing up for the development of its third-generation foldable device, Xiaomi has to soon bring forth its first.



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