Minnesotans can now check their vaccine history through a smartphone – KIMT 3

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Minnesotans can now stay up to date with their vaccination records, as well as their children’s thanks to a new app through the Minnesota Department of Health.

The app is called ‘Docket’ and you can download it onto your smartphone from either the Apple or Android app stores. After that, you can have all your vaccine records right at your fingertips.

Once you create a ‘Docket’ account, you can see all of your immunizations – including the COVID-19 vaccine. ‘Docket’ allows Minnesotans with a Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) to securely view and share their records. The app is also a convenient way for parents to check when their child is due for a vaccine.

As Freeborn County Public Health director, Sue Yost, explained, ‘Docket’ will help Minnesotans have easy access to all of their immunization records in one spot. “We tend to lose vaccine cards. I’ve been utilizing the digital world for years, even when I make an appointment for anything. I lose those cards,” she said. “So, I think having everything all at one spot is a great idea so that you can be able to look up that information wherever you’re at.”

Yost said with so many events or places requiring the COVID-19 vaccine, this is one easy way for you to access it. “If you’re going to be starting college, you need your immunizations record. If you’re going to be going on a plane, you’re going to be asked for your immunization records for the COVID vaccine,” she explained. “If you’re going to be traveling out of the country or going to Canada, you’re going to be asked for your immunization records. So, it’s important to be prepared ahead of time and download the app and be ready for it.”

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If you use ‘Docket,’ you can also download a PDF document of your immunization record so you can print it or email the document or anything you might need.

MDH said so far this year, the department has received over 33,000 requests for immunization records through an online form.


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