(Pocket-lint) – Mind mapping has been a popular way to organise one’s thoughts and plans for absolutely ages, but it’s made a slightly challenging transition to the digital age. 

There aren’t many apps that let you easily and quickly make impressive mind maps – which is why Wondershare MindMaster is so useful. It’s a brilliant bit of software that lets you map out your ideas and knowledge. Here are some of the features that make it so impressive. 


Totally cross-platform

The first big feature that makes MindMaster so useful is that it works across all your devices – not only are there app versions for both iOS and Android, but you can also access it directly through a browser or computer. The software runs in nine languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese and Korean. 

That means you can be sure that whatever device you’ve got on you will work with it, letting you work wherever and however you like, and making it way easier to quickly draw something up on the fly. Best of all, you can sync your files between all those devices, using the cloud and letting you move between them without any drawbacks. 

If you need to move your maps over to another program, meanwhile, you can do so easily with the export tool, letting you convert your maps into PDFs, image files, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or MindManager files at the click of a button. 

Loads of options

Of course, the heart of MindMaster is in its core function – helping you to create brilliant, attractive mind maps quickly and easily, and it absolutely excels on that front. You have dozens of options to pick from in terms of templates to get you started without any hassle, and you can edit them freely and add more points whenever you like. 

Whether it’s adding hyperlinks, callouts, relationships or many more, you can link items in so many ways to make sure that you get your point across visually, which makes its maps perfect for presentations. There are also 33 themes to pick from, and over 700 pieces of custom art you can insert to further tailor your design to be exactly right. 

Meanwhile, each item, branch, line and more can be customised with your choice of style and colour, so you really have carte blanche to make everything just as you want it. 

There’s also a growing community of mind map examples that you can use as templates from other users, showcasing people’s creativity, and the versatility that MindMaster offers. 


Project management

Many mind maps come in the context of a wider project – you’ll likely be drawing one up to bring together your thoughts and ideas about a project you’re working on. That’s why MindMaster lets you swap to a Gantt task view to let you track your progress overall, and to set up new tasks with information and tags, to help you organise your workflow. 

That means that your mind maps can suddenly, and really easily, become a hugely adaptable way to track work and make sure that you’re on top of things, rather than just a method for keeping your ideas organised. This makes it great for teams and more complicated projects alike.

These are just some of the brilliant touches that make MindMaster such a powerful application, though. You can find out more about it, and download it to try for yourself, completely free, from the MindMaster website, and we heartily recommend that you give it a test-run. 


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