OROVILLE — Homeowners and businesses opened their front lawns and sidewalks for a community-wide sale.

Downtown Oroville hosted its sixth annual mile-long yard sale along Montgomery Street Saturday, stretching from Sank Park to Mug Shots Coffee House.

Locals and out-of-towners walked the 1-mile stretch searching for hidden treasures, buying used goods and enjoying the downtown area.

“It’s a way to get people in our town, shopping and eating,” said lead event coordinator Bernadette North. “It also brings people from out of town. People from Sacramento to Redding come here for it.”

Items for sale ranged from furniture and clothes to AC units and chainsaws.

Held annually the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, the event has grown substantially since it first began in 2013.

“This is crazy,” said first-time participant Desiree Vance. “I had people showing up at 6 this morning and it’s been nonstop. I haven’t even been able to get everything out.”

Vance, along with other homeowners, allowed for a section of her front lawn to be used by people wanting to take part in the sale, but who do not live directly on Montgomery Street.

“This gives us an opportunity to meet our neighbors, meet other people and to just be part of a community event,” Vance said. “It reminds me that I’m still living in a small town.”

Another first-timer taking part in the sale, Sterlie Epperson, could be seen and heard offering various deals from the front porch of his home.

Epperson, a former vacuum-cleaner seller, explained the easiness of selling items at such a low cost.

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“You ever try to convince someone to spend $2,300 on a vacuum?” Epperson said. “It’s hard, so selling a perfectly good coffee pot for $15 is not too difficult.”

He also discussed the number one reason behind any yard sale.