Microsoft’s Your Phone app allows you to mirror your Android phone’s screen to the desktop, access photos, messages, calls, and even your phone’s home screen background without the need to physically access your mobile device.

Any recent Android and iPhone should be able to connect to Microsoft’s Your Phone app and receive your mobile device’s photos and SMS texts. The Messages section in the app includes the text messages you and your contacts have exchanged, and it even supports the MMS contents.

The Messages page shows any message threads that you’ve on your phone, including automated promotional messages and one-time passwords.

The two basic features—ability to view photos and messages—are available for all devices, but newer and advanced function including calls support and screen mirroring are currently limited to a smaller subset of Android devices.

According to new findings, Microsoft is currently working on Picture-in-Picture (Compact Overlay) UI for Windows 10’s Your Phone app.

Your Phone PiP mode

The Picture-in-Picture support for Your Phone app will allow you to open a conversation in a separate window, which would be undocked from the app itself and it can be moved around your desktop, and resized at will.

Microsoft also appears to be working on another new feature that could allow you to manage or view the installed apps.

Your Phone OCR support

The next Your Phone app update will also ship with the following improvements:

  • Ability to copy text from an image.
  • A new call option within the messages page.
  • General improvements.

It’s not yet clear when Microsoft plans to debut these improvements to the users, but I’d wager it will arrive for the Insiders in a month or two before the Your Phone app update starts rolling out to the mainstream users.

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