Surface Duo and Neo

Microsoft revealed an Android-powered smartphone ‘Surface Duo’ last year, which blurs the line between phones and tablets by offering two AMOLED displays that can run apps simultaneously.

Microsoft remains committed to its dual-screen mobile device lineup and the software giant could be forming an internal team that will develop the customized Android OS work of the Surface Duo going forward.

Earlier this week, the tech giant acquired the Romanian operations of Movial, a Finnish software engineering company that specializes in mobile and Android devices.

Microsoft was working with Movial on Android OS development for the Surface Duo and after the acquisition, Romania will serve as Microsoft’s fourth research and development center in the country.

“We are excited to continue to expand Microsoft’s presence in Romania and would like to welcome these new employees of Microsoft Romania,” said Violeta Luca, CEO of Microsoft Romania.

As part of the partnership, the tech giant will bring in 60 Movial employees into its Devices division, which is a sign that the company is serious about its smartphone market.

Surface Duo running Android 10 and Microsoft Launcher is expected to launch in August 2020.


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