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Microsoft released its Fluent UI framework for the Surface Duo this week. The framework helps developers create apps that work well on dual-screen devices like the Surface Duo. Fluent UI for Surface Duo includes nine Fluent UI controls enhanced for dual-screen devices. Fluent UI also helps developers create apps that are consistent across platforms.

A devblog post from Microsoft explains all of the Fluent UI controls. There are controls, such as AppBarLayout that stops search inputs from extending under the hinge of devices like the Surface Duo, and DateTimePicker that prevents popups from appearing under a device’s hinge.

Here are all of the controls, as outlined by Microsoft:

If you want to see what these look like in action, you can look at Microsoft’s Fluent UI sample app on GitHub.

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Microsoft Surface Duo

Two screens are better than one

Microsoft delves into the future of foldables with an ambitious dual-screen device, featuring two ultra-thin 5.6-inch AMOLED displays bound by a 360-degree hinge. This pocketable inking-enabled Android smartphone marks the latest in the Surface lineup, geared for mobile productivity.


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